SC Students remain deprived of said scholarship


IMG-20141001-WA0000A strong protest demonstration was today staged by the students belonging to SC category.

Leading the protest demonstration, Aman Thappa, youth SC leader said that director of social welfare department has gone into hibernation and no one is paying any attention to burning issues of SC students. Scholarships of year 2013 are still not being delivered to students .If poor SC students are being deprived of timely scholarships, then how can they peruse their studies smoothly and it will put their future in dark. He said that director, social welfare department is playing with the career of students which is not bearable to us at any cost.

He also said that he had earlier demanded that there should be a hike in scholarship amount as prices of all essential study cum stationery material have also inflated but director has not paid any heed to their demand which is a very condemnable part on the side of director. He further said that today’s protest is just a trailer and if director, social welfare department will not pay attention to our demands ,our agitation will intensify day by day.

Prominent who were present in the protest demonstration were Sohan, sandeep kumar, Deepak kumar, sidhanshu bhagat, Ajeet and many others.

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