School Headmaster makes students clean toilet at school

Image Courtesy: NDTV

Sunderbani, October 07: In a shocking case, Ishar Das, the headmaster of Government Middle School Nahoti is making the students perform the filthy task of toilet cleaning.

The school falls in a far off village of Rajouri District. As per a local news daily, this master-grade headmaster has been reported earlier to have embezzled huge amount of money from the mid-day meal funds of the school and providing lower standard meals to his pupil. This time he is in news for putting his students of primary class level to hard labour.

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The students come to school to receive education but instead they are made to clean toilets, ferry water from far-off rivulets to fill the school tank. If denied, the students are subject to merciless anger of this headmaster. Upon asking about these allegations, the headmaster replied that he can be inquired by any ZEO or CEO.

The daily also contacted Director Education Smita Sethi who assured that if the defaulter is found guilty, he will be put to hard punishment.


Image Courtesy: NDTV