Scrapping Reservation in Promotion

By Roarke

The system of reservation cannot be eradicated from our society completely and has always been a debatable topic. The reservation system was made to bring equality in the society and not to deprive the competent people of jobs and the professions they want to continue. As far as the concept of caste based reservation can be talked about, it was envisioned to uplift the minorities and lower stratum people to ensure that they can get equal opportunities in jobs. But the disadvantages associated with the system are unavoidable.

Later after a year somehow Y toiled hard and secured a seat for himself in the selection list but the sad part is at the time of promotion X will again have to face the same thing. And after few years that person having the category will be his senior. How impartial is that? Even after having a higher intellect and capability, he has to follow his orders. These kind of situations discourage the people and stop them to give in their best efforts. Isn’t this biasness? Who will protect the general quota candidates against such discrimination?

Who should be held responsible for this?  Y? or the reservation system?


Access to the basic education is fine but how impartial is handing over the jobs and promotions on the basis of caste? Even after working so hard, general quota candidates have to withstand the inequity. Discrimination creates an imbalance in the society.

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