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Scribes asked to leave army event for ‘Insulting’ National Anthem

Srinagar, 25 March: Two local journalists chose to not stand up for National Anthem during an event they were covering and were consequently asked to leave from the premises by an army officer.

Junaid Nabi Bazaz

At the Passing out parade of the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry Regiment Centre, Rangreth on outskirts of Srinagar two scribes working with daily newspapers Kashmir Reader and Rising Kashmir were asked to leave the event after they did not stand up for the national anthem.

The Kashmir Reader correspondent, Junaid Nabi Bazaz, told PTI, “Army had invited us to cover the event, not to participate in it. When the Indian anthem was played, I was jotting down notes for my story. After the anthem finished, one Colonel Burn came up to us and asked us to leave.”

Bazaz has even alleged that Colonel Burn “misbehaved” with them.

“He misbehaved with us. He said ‘all people here stood up for the anthem and the flag except you. We do not need people like you here so leave’. So we left afterwards,” the journalist said.

Srinagar based Defence Spokesman, Colonel NN Joshi, confirmed the event

“I appraised the seniors about the incident. I apologised about the incident but the journalists should also understand that there is so much sanctity involved about the event and the national anthem and national flag,” he said.

Bazaz said after the event, Colonel Joshi apologised for “Burn’s behaviour”.

“He apologised for the incident and told me that Burn should have talked to him instead of expressing himself before us. Colonel Joshi also said he raised the issue of Colonel Burn’s misbehavior with the higher ups,” the journalist said.