SDPI expresses satisfaction at checkmating of fascist forces in by-polls


The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has expressed satisfaction at the checkmating of fascist forces as

it is evident by the results of the just concluded bye-elections. The electorates, irrespective of their religious

identities, have given a loud and clear message that there is a decline in the clout of Sangh Parivar’s divisive


SDPI national president A. Sayeed in a statement said that results of the by-polls in Uttar Pradesh reaffirm

the faith in secular India. The people want development, not hate campaign. They want livelihood and

employment, not communal riots. They want to live in harmony. Amit Shah, Yogi Adityanath and Sakshi

Maharaj have been shown their rightful place. Their brand of politics has been rejected. BJP may not accept

it but the truth is it has been humiliated in UP. It isn’t a rap on the knuckles, it is a tight slap on the face, he

Sayeed said that the BJP which stormed to power at the Centre hitch-hiking on Narendra Modi’s

development agenda strayed and drifted soon after the coronation. People by and large had voted for Modi

for his development agenda and not communal agenda. The rabid communalists in the saffron brigade

started firing on all cylinders from “Love Jihad”; “Forced Conversions”; “Communal Flare-ups” etc. without

ever giving a thought to their actions may lead to a fragmented India.

He said that the voters have essentially spoken out against the stoic silence Prime Minister Narendra Modi

has maintained on the venom frothing out of the mouths of the party’s lunatic fringe. They have reminded

Modi that he has misread popular opinion by allowing his fidayeen to self-destruct themselves by carrying

out their hate agendas. The results prove in Indian politics, you can incite some people for some time, but in

the end our liberal, secular nature prevails, he stated.

The Modi wave was based on development and development alone. This was mostly shouldered by Modi

himself and the party went along with it willy-nilly. However, the Modi wave is a thing of past now. The by-
polls were fought on all other planks except development. The results are there for all to see. The problem is

equating Modi with BJP. Modi won despite of BJP because the RSS cadre helped in organization needed to

win nationwide elections, but the message was Modi, not BJP. “We do not need a party with divisive agenda

with the PM looking the other way. Of course, he will look the other way, as he is part and parcel of the RSS.

Remember “Ab ki bar Modi sarkar!” Sayeed pointed out.

The statement said that Indian voters need instant gratification and get frustrated very quickly. Even the

most “educated” (degree-wise) ones show the same herd mentality, never have any long term plan to

change the fate of the country – more interested to exploit the current system of corruption and sycophancy

for their own benefit (as they think). BJP is now as good as any other party. Most of the BJP voters basically

supported BJP for Muslim bashing and so-called Hindutva issue and not for “development”. They are

frustrated now.

Meanwhile, India is being given a daily dose of poison. The dose given the other day by Union Minister

Maneka Gandhi linking the meat industry to terrorism and Sakshi Maharaj’s comments linking terrorism to

Madrasas may prove to be the most lethal. Hindutva Brigade seems to have gone amok. It seems it is in a

hurry, considering the fact that BJP is in power, and they feel that it is right time to take their agenda of

hatred to its peak. It is also true that they are facing the worst internal crisis of the last century in the form

of Sai Baba-Shankarachraya confrontation,

pointed out.

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