Search for suspected militants in Muthi results in two students


Jammu 26 March: The state of affairs in Jammu has not been promising ever since the Pathankot Airbase attack. Early morning yesterday the city police got inputs on suspicious movement of two youth who had been asking around for a particular address.

The police came into action immediately and nabbed the duo. During investigation, it was found out that the two youth were merely students.

SSP Jammu, in a statement to media said that both the youth were carrying backpacks and were asking for someone’s address early in the morning. The locals got wary and informed the police who then sprung to action and caught both of them.

The students did not belong to Jammu and their appearance got the locals suspicious which is why they informed the police. Both the students were released after interrogation.


According to police inputs, both the youth were looking for an address near the Director School Education’s office. One of the people who was approached by the two guys got suspicious and informed a head constable who then informed the PCR. A search team was sent immediately and nabbed the two.

The police, however, lauded the efforts of the locals and said that the way the police was informed shows that the people are getting aware of the seriousness of the issue of militancy. They also said that this is a good sign keeping security in view.

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