Secret informer cell helping in killing members of Burhan group : IGP

Yesterday, the Jammu and Kashmir Police revealed the reason behind successful killing of top militants in the Kashmir valley. According to the police department, they have a secret intelligence team in the valley that is informing them about the militants.

According to the Inspector General of Police, Syed JavidMujtaba Gilani , recent successful attempts in killing the Hizb militants is credited to the informer agency which has set up a strong foundation in the valley. The main objective of the intelligence network is not to allow the militants to carry out their activities. The IGP said that the intelligence group has helped them to nab the terrorists. Further he said that there are few more radical elements of the Burhan group who are on the target.

One of the police officials said that Burhan is hiding somewhere in South Kashmir. And the sources said that from the last few years they are trying hard to strengthen their base in the valley and the department is happy with the results they are getting from it.

In the form of incentive, government has even hiked the bounty for the “most wanted militants”.

The reward for killing “A category” or “most wanted” militants is about 12.5 lakh which was 10 lakhs earlier. Cash rewards for other categories like “B” or “C” category has been increased to Rs 7.5 lakh.

For the moment, IGP Gilani said that due to the recent incidents of infiltration and attacks, security was enhanced in the valley including the summer capital Srinagar.

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