Secularism, democracy not allowed in Islam: Warn posters in Anantnag

Srinagar, June 18: Posters from Hizbul Mujahideen warning the locals not to vote in the upcoming by-elections in Anantnag have surfaced in various areas in the district. The poster warns the locals not to vote if they have any shame left in them.

Secularism is not acceptable in Islam as there is only one God. India’s democracy is not acceptable as per tenets of Islam. We are not bound by democracy. Almost 5 lakh people have been killed by Indian Army in Kashmir and if there is any Shame left in you, then I appeal to you to boycott the Anantnag elections.

Signed by: Ibn Qasim who is the Hizbul Mujahideen district commander of Anantnag

HM Posters appear in Anantnag directing people to not vote

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