Security Agencies worried over the illegal intrusion of immigrants in Jammu

The state government’s lax approach towards the inrush of illegitimate immigrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh is causing constant worry to the intelligence agencies and the Army.

Image Courtesy: The Tribune
Image Courtesy: The Tribune

There has been no serious action against the illegal intrusion which could be effortlessly used by the terror outfits in the state as told by the Army sources. Suresh Kumar, Home secretary expressed that only a few these refugees from Myanmar and Bangladesh had registration cards, which were from UNHCR. Many of them didn’t have any. He informed that the verification process is on and whenever  the illegal immigration smells of danger, the law will take its course.

An administration officer said that the count was over 1000 in Jammu. The police has been instructed to ensure that no new illegal immigrant from Myanmar and Bangladesh intrudes the state. However, there has been no formal exercise of deporting them back to their countries.  He admitted that the presence of some of them with subversive intent could not be ruled out among the floating population that is settling around Jammu.

The police has been instructed to keep them under constant scrutiny, the officer added. Though, there has been no serious effort by the state machinery yet and they have been taking the matter carelessly.

He also added that many of them had electricity and water connections and also owned mobile phones and vehicles. It is high time for a proper survey to look into the matter.

Also, there has been a mismatch between the administration and the police and that is evident with the count they have put; the former has reported the count around 1000, while the latter says its nearly 2500.

The Ministry of Home Affairs had been alerted regularly by the Intelligence bureau. They entered voa West Bengal and Assam and after reaching Delhi they boarded vehicles for Jammu. Some NGOs had also been helping them  settle down in the territory.