Security guard and a GuruJi to 24 poor students

ATM Security Guard- a Better Teacher

Living in the Majra area of Dehradun, Bijendra is a security guard for the Allahabad Bank ATM booth. And he has a very inspiring story of his own. Every evening when the traffic reduces and the number of people walking in the streets diminishes, Bijendra here becomes the GuruJi to about 24 street children. These children belong to the poor colonies nearby and do not have access to ‘light’ at their places. Aware of their conditions, Bijendra teaches them in the light of the ATM booth. He also explains them the values of life, the virtues that one must never leave. He says that these kids are hardworking and should be given the opportunities to expand their horizons.

Bijendra Uttarakhand security-guard-1

According to him, many of his taught students are now employed with great future ahead of them. It’s his passion and love to do something for the society and for the poor specifically, that has been going on for the past 16 years, wherein he has contributed significantly to the community.  The person of his caliber and zeal is someone the entire teaching fraternity should learn from. A man with simple living and high thinking, he didn’t even want to be clicked. Heaps of Inspiration !!

Bijendra Uttarakhand security-guard-2

This is an extraordinary story of an even more extraordinary person.


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