Selfie Mania takes over Jammu!


 If we look at the facts, we cannot as there are not. But if we look around, taking selfies is the activity, most number of people have involved themselves in. Especially, the youth of Jammu has been the most affected by the selfie mania. More contagious than influenza, the symptoms of this new craze has been observed in children as young as twelve. Science has not been able to develop a vaccine for this ailment, nor has any anti-biotic successfully treated it. The elders are worried as they fear the speculations on the facile qualities creeping into our society. With major symptoms such as carelessness, daredevil stunts and trying to look unique; this ‘selfie flu’ has even caused deaths of people.

With almost everyone carrying smart phone, selfie quickly became the new ‘áutograph’. A lot of people began taking selfies with famous personalities. Make-up artists, adventure freaks too often posted selfies to showcase their new accomplishments to the world.

But, a common sight of ‘Bahu Plaza’ which is the selfie capital of the region, a plethora of teen girls and boys are seen taking selfies. One selfie – not enough, not even two or three but until the world’s most ravishing picture has been captured then and there; clicking selfies doesn’t stop. Then, after a few steps ahead, the urge to click selfie rises again and the process repeats. A hundred selfies to finally get a ‘special one’ to post over social media. This is how the young blood of Jammu spends his time productively, judiciously and efficiently. Of course sports, academics, creative hobbies and other co-curricular activities are useless. They don’t make you popular, right?

The appeal of selfies comes from how easy they are to create and share, and the control they give self-photographers over how they present themselves. Many selfies are intended to present a flattering image of the person, especially to friends whom the photographer expects to be supportive. The practice of taking selfies has been criticised not only for being narcissistic, preventing assessment and appreciation of what is happening in the present, but also for being mindlessly conformist behaviour, when everyone does what everyone else is doing.


Moreover, people have a tendency to go to great lengths to make an impression. Many incidents have been reported in which people have gotten injured, and even died while trying to take a selfie in daredevil stunts. Recently, a youth in Jammu almost lost his life after falling into a gorge when he was trying to click a selfie from the roadside barrier. It’s important that we look at ourselves not just from the front camera of the smart phone, but an outer perspective. We’d realise our actions aren’t the ones we ought to.