Seminar organized to mark the Anti-drugs Abuse Day



An Anti-Drugs seminar was been organized today at the General Bus Stand, Jammu. In this seminar students from colleges, drivers, conductors and passengers participated and raised their voice against drug abuse. Uttam Chand, SSP Jammu and Shaqeel Beigh, DIG Jammu were also present at this event.

An Anti-Drugs seminar was been organized today at the General Bus Stand, Jammu.

The concept behind this campaign was to create an awareness and to give information that will enable people to live a healthy life full of wellness physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. At this event extinguished chief guests showed their concern and expressed  their worries over the drug addicts. They said drug abuse is a big problem in this country today and we should take serious steps to control it.  They said that such programs will definitely help to promote awareness against the life-threatening effects among people in Jammu and Kashmir.
It is pertinent to note that Drug consumption has been consistently increasing in the state. The state already lists among the top states with Cigarette smokers. The average of smokers in the state is almost double when compared to the national average. This is worrisome as the cases of various forms of cancer has also been rising and consequently the number of deaths resulting from cancer has also increased monumentally.
Not a day in Jammu and Kashmir goes when drugs are not siezed. Bhukki is the most commonly held drug and lately the smuggling of cocaine, brown sugar and marijuana has been on the rise. More often than not, the quantity of drugs siezed has a valuation that runs into crores. The problem is where these are just some of the traffickers get caught.



Most of the trafficking goes unchecked because of insufficient technology within the state


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