Separatist are reason behind Youth joining Militancy: DIG

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Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar, Mar 26: Saying that separatist leaders are provoking educated young to join militant ranks, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of CRPF for Srinagar (north) Sanjeev Dhundia Friday said the trend was not alarming and that those who have picked up guns would return back to their homes.

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of a Civic Action program at Modern High School for Deaf, Dumb and Blind at Solina here, Sanjeev Dhundia said of course some incidents of young boys joining militancy have happened recently.

“I can say that situation is not alarming. May be these youth are getting carried away by some separatist group. Things are under control. We along with J&K police are working together and situation is under control.” he said.

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The DIG said that efforts are being made to bring back those who have joined militancy.

“Recently some incidents related to militancy have occurred, but we are handling the situation. We hope peace loving citizens will have a wonderful future ahead,” he said.

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Meanwhile, 73 BN of CRPF donated computers and furniture among the deaf, dumb and blind children of Modern High School Solina under its Civic Action Plan. While addressing students on global significance of Information Technology and Computer Science for all students, the DIG said that CRPF is constantly trying to development strong bond with the people of Kashmir, especially with the youth.

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