Sex Education- Why is Jammu not ready for it??

Citizen Journalist Amaya

Not too long ago, when I was at a private clinic in Gandhi Nagar to track the recovery of my fractured arm, a girl arrived at the counter with a guy walking a few steps behind her. She must be around 16 and shockingly, she had come to register an appointment for her abortion. Now as she discreetly asked the receptionist, a middle aged lady sitting next to me first eyed her head to toe and the 20 to 30 seconds that followed, were about her frowned face gawking at the girl’s invisible bump.

People here in Jammu have the natural nerve to frown at the mention of the word sex or even condoms for that matter. Sex education again is something barred over here. The authorities find sex education more harmful than the fact that girls as young as 15 16 years, are getting such crucial surgeries done.


sex educationIn a survey, Jammu and Kashmir alleged a very minimal change in the statistics of condom usage which is nothing to be proud of. And as we surveyed, asking numerous chemist shops in and around the major areas of the region, we were told that I-pills have a higher sale than condoms and usually they are teenagers and college kids buying those contraceptive pills.

It is great that we do not want sex education but we want to produce and produce and produce.

The idea of implementation of sex education in schools has brought in a lot of debate and argument. And the decision, not as a surprise, has always come as a BIG NO. While we went around in the crowded streets of Jammu, we asked people how important sex education is in schools.

It spreads vulgarity, no school kid needs to learn about sex is what we got as our first response.

No! Kids don’t need sex lessons, it is none of their concern. It is nothing to be taught in classrooms,” yet again the same response.  And the pattern did not differ much thereafter.

As published by WHO, sex education should be imparted to children who are 12 years and above and the age group of 12-19 years is rather more prone to result adversely in the course of sexual activities. The tender age group constitutes 34% of HIV infected persons in the world and despite being aware of this data, the authorities still turn blind to the need of Sex Education in the schools. The prevalent silence provokes them to get informed about sex through misinformed sources which further darkens the matter. As an obvious fact known to all of us, the early teens seek the information from pornographic websites which hardly present the matter in a healthy light and even involves violence and abuse on sexual grounds. The haste and the anxiety to know more ends up negatively, resulting in abortions, suicides, shame, fear, embarrassment.

A comprehensive sex education can help bridge the gap between kids and parents. The more they ask and learn, the more they know. That further reduces the chances of mistakes and hasty steps.  It will also help the state fight the hazardous rise in AIDS cases.  The increasing abortion rate would naturally go down as they will be aware of having protected sex instead of indulging in sexual activities disregarding the consequences.

It is high time for the shame to go. TALK and LEARN.

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