SEX MMS SCANDAL: Involvement of City’s top businessman halts investigation

Jammu, September 04: After the involvement of a business tycoon of the city in the recent MMS case of a former private insurance company employee, the police is now in a mood of hushing up the alleged matter without getting him affected.

The matter is clear for the fact that now when everyone knows the involvement of this businessman in the case. The police has failed to make any arrest in this case. As per revelations made by sources, the victim and Businessman came  into each other’s contact before her marriage and that MMS was made then secretly by the businessman.

After the woman got married to a senior bureaucrat, the businessman continued to blackmail her and later made that MMS viral.

Initially police started investigation of the case with all its resources because the victim is the wife of a senior officer who was once deputed with the governor of the state and was one of the influential men in the state administration but during investigation when needle of suspicion pointed towards the businessman, police allegedly at once stopped all the investigations.

Sources have revealed that no more suspects has been questioned after that. It is suspected that the businessman is allegedly putting pressure on the police to stop all the inverstigation.