Sex on top of Courtney Love’s ‘obsessions’


Sex on top of Courtney Love's 'obsessions'Los Angeles: Singer Courtney Love, who recently turned 50, has made a list of an equivalent number of her obsessions. On top of the list is sex!

Love, who has a 21-year-old daughter Frances with late husband Kurt Cobain, turned 50 Wednesday. In “50 Obsessions I Couldn’t Live Without on my 50th Birthday”, piece for XOJane, an online magazine for women, she has shared that she enjoys intimacy, reports

“Let’s start with my favourite. And that would be: Sex. Obviously,” she wrote.

The “Doll Parts” hitmaker, who was recently pictured locking lips with model Amber Rose, also said she’s a fan of kissing. It found space on number 27 on the list.

One of her other obsessions is “forgiveness”.

“I’m 50, and I don’t care what you said two years ago or yesterday. It’s all good,” she said, even as she shared that she is fond of “Keeping people scared”.

She is also obsessed with “naughty words”, “real estate shopping”, “chanting”, “acupuncture”, and her artist daughter.


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