Sexual harassment of men in offices is real

Name of the Author withheld on request

Men are in a diabolical situation of sorts when it comes to the sexual dynamics of the working places. Men can easily be perceived as safe or unsafe based on their predilections towards sex. They are safe if they keep a distance from women in general and don’t make moves on every female around.

I did not try hard to convince them either. It took me a year to get another job and that was mostly because I dreaded applying to another place for one year.

All the bad that happens to women is true and must not happen. But more often than not, if a man is tagged a sex maniac, there’s indeed very little that a man can then do to remove that label. Even if he’s not! Do not believe all the sexual assault stories because a woman is telling them. Sometimes, it’s the men who are the victims too.

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One thought on “Sexual harassment of men in offices is real

  • February 21, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    I can understand as i was once a victim like u….anywayz alwayz move on and keep a legitimate distance


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