Shaadi = ₹ _ , _ _ ,00, 000 down the drain, but this couple made it right | Youth


It has been observed that young people who enter marriage spend a lot of money, in tunes of tens of lakhs to throw a lavish wedding. Even in Jammu, a lot of marriage functions that take place during auspicious months see a huge number of guests and week long party scenes. In fact, observing the trends CAPD came up with an order to limit the number of spending at private functions such as marriages through various measures. Often these functions are carried out at the expense of life’s savings of parents and couple just to keep up with the appearances in the society. But hardly, they realise their money is wasted for nothing.

A couple based in Mumbai set the trends right by setting an example for the people. When police officers Manoj Patil and Sarita Laykar decided to tie the knot, they came to a consensus on how their wedding would be. The couple, who are based in Mumbai, got married in a low-key ceremony at Narsobachi Wadi.

Manoj, who has grown up watching extravagant weddings, developed a dislike for them quite early on in life. He is also completely against the dowry system, which is an accepted norm among Maratha families. When he met Sarita, he made his views on both completely clear.

After taking the decision to go ahead with a modest, low-key wedding, the couple pooled in their savings to donate to charity. They had overall savings of Rs 2 lakh, with each contributing Rs 1 lakh. A sum of Rs 50,000 was given to a school in Dewle village, and another Rs 50,000 to an organisation that helps farmers, Naam Foundation. Another Rs 50,000 was given towards various other causes, including a public library. They are still left with Rs 50,000 and are trying to figure out the best way to donate it.

As for the wedding itself, it was an affair meant only for close friends and families. Each guest was given a sapling as a return gift and was encouraged to plant it wherever they could. Some weddings don’t have to be grand for them to make an impact but have a meaning.


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