‘Shahid Afridi tum par Lanat ho’, says Pakistani TV Presenter

The Pakistani Media or atleast some of it is certainly not taking well Shahid Afridi’s praises for the love and support from the Indian diaspora. Shahid Afridi just tow days ago had heaped praises on the love the Pakistan Cricket team have received in India. He had even gone on to compare it and said, ‘The love Pakistan Cricket team receives in India is more than the love they receive back at home.’

The comparison certainly did not go down well with a Pakistani news anchor, who on live TV lost his temper and went on to curse and insult Pakistani captain over his “love for India”.

“Watan ko bhoolne walon per Laanat, Tum jaise saare bawalon per Laanat,” he said. (Shame and curses be on people who forget their nation. Shame and curses be upon people like you (Afridi)

Watch before they take this video off.

Video Courtesy – ICC World T20 Official Highlights


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