SHAME: Post-graduate working as cook in Govt School

Jammu, January 29: In a very distressing example of unemployment in the state, for the last so many years the man who is working as a cook in the government school with a monthly honorarium of meager one Thousand bucks is a post graduate degree holder.

“My father is an old man and he cannot work. The socio economic circumstances has forced me to manage the things as the responsibility of livelihood earnings came upon me only. I opted working here but the school has failed to pay me for the last seven months even when I am doing my job devotedly. When cooking gas cylinder runs out, I go to nearby forest and collect dried tree twigs to use them as fuel for cooking. No payment of honorarium has put my family in heavy financial burden,” Zahoor pleaded.

He added, “I don’t feel inferiority complex as cooking food for children gives nutrition to them and help them in staying healthy and focus on studies.”

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