Shameful: Akhnoor hospital didn’t provide ambulance and a woman delivered her baby on bus

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Referred by the Sub-divisional Hospital in Akhnoor to SMGS Jammu, Nisha Devi (38) gave birth in a public bus on her way to Jammu after having the hospital failed to provide her with the Hospital Ambulance.

Nisha Devi, who is married to Wakil Chand and living in Mathwar, has two boys who are 5 and 8 years old, and was taken to the Akhnoor Hospital on Friday and after examining her condition, the doctors referred her to SMGS, Jammu. It was the responsibility of the Hospital authorities to take into consideration the fact that she had to be provided with an ambulance so that she could be given treatment immediately.

Not being able to get the ambulance, the family took the public bus. On their way, the woman started bleeding and her condition worsened. Fortunately for her, there was person with medical background onboard and so the bus was stopped near Muthi area where all the passengers were asked to step down and there she delivered her third baby boy.


On getting the news of the delivery, an ambulance was rushed from SMGS. The newborn faced problems while breathing and the mother was in pain too. Both were admitted to the NICU(Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) ward where they are being treated now.

This lack of attention given to the pregnant woman could have proved fatal for both her life and the life of her child. It calls for an immediate action against the doctors who were attending her. Incident like these happen around in the hospitals of our state on a regular basis and many times people don’t let too lucky.

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