SHAME|Popular Kashmir News portal spreading lies about NIT Srinagar issue


Puneet Gupta 

According to a popular Kashmir based news website all the non-local students are protesting only so that the upcoming semester examinations can get postponed.


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The controversy at NIT Srinagar has not taken the country by storm. Had that been the case, politicians, national media-houses and others who stand to gain leverage in such situations would have thronged the place four days ago.

As is known, the tensions began when India lost the World T20 semi-final against West-Indies. According to non-local students, some Kashmiri students raised pro-Pakistan slogans alongwith hurling choicest abuses at India. The non-locals retaliated and violence ensued.

Later Police, CRPF was deployed to keep the ‘situation’ under control.

The non-local students then raised concerns about their security and the danger to their life, which was countered by Kashmir Media as false allegations to make an issue a non-issue.

But non-local students had video-proof of beatings to back their statements and forced the national media and Centre government to take cognizance through repeated messages on social media.

The country has come to believe after four days of seeing blood of non-locals that the students have infact faced brutally physical assault. However, some in the Kashmir Media are still bent on calling the claims of non-local students a lie. The basis of a website calling the videos and the photos a lie is infact baffling.

According to a popular Kashmir based news website all the non-local students are protesting only so that the upcoming semester examinations can get postponed.

“Because some students are not ready to sit in exams, they want to get it (exams) postponed,” the students claimed as reported by the website.

Not just that, the website further goes on spread lies which will definitely be able to dilute the present sentiment considering the reach of the portal which spreads far and wide and is accepted as gospel truth among many ardent Kashmiri-local followers.

It is not questionable that the average Kashmiri is much more politically knowledgeable than most people in the country. They voice their opinion without fear and some of them even raise pro-freedom slogans unflinchingly.

It, however, seems completely out of place that when a few local teachers were ‘harassed’ in trying to control the ‘protesting’ non-locals, the Kashmiris did not raise a hue and cry as is common even on any passing Friday in Kashmir for the last six months or so. Just logically questioning.

The videos of what is happening at NIT Srinagar are out in the open for anyone to see and assess. Now that the issue has gained momentum, malicious elements in Kashmir have also become active in doctoring theories that will cloud the truth eventually. Because, in a DEMOCRACY, everyone is heard.

Those with malicious intent in Kashmir are much more experienced and will be able to spin true sounding theories, eventually neutralising the truth.

That the Indian Flag was disrespected and Bharat Mata was abused will remain a fact. It is common practice before every stone-pelting incident in the valley and is nothing new.

Also, if the Kashmir based portal is claiming that the non-local students are taking the baton on their heads simply to evade exams, they better come up with believable theories instead of writing trash and expecting everyone to believe them.

The former CM of J&K, Omar Abdullah today tweeted, “TWO companies of CRPF in a campus is not normal by any stretch of imagination. Requires tact not use of force.” That says a lot about how the excuse of postponement used by the portal is plain silly.