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Shareholders disrupt Coal India meeting

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The Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Coal India Limited, Shri S. Narsing Rao addressing the media on 3rd Quarter Financial Result Announcement of Coal India Limited, at Kolkata on February 13, 2013.Kolkata : The 39th Annual General Meeting of Coal India was disrupted here for nearly an hour Wednesday after shareholders who were denied attendance for the meeting shouted anti-management slogan and created a ruckus.

The shareholders alleged that despite coming on time for the meeting the official entrusted with recording the attendance shut down the system and refused to register any more shareholder’s names.

There was also allegation that a few shareholders were manhandled by officials.

Coal India officials including chairman Narsing Rao, in a bid to pacify the shareholders, assured them the allegations would be looked into.

The meeting resumed only after the chairman’s intervention.

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