She needed Gold rings for her daughter. So, she killed an Old lady

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu, Apr 27: A woman was awarded life imprisonment for murdering another woman at the latter’s residence in ward No 10, Kathua, in 2012 by Principal sessions Judge, Kathua, Sanjay Dhar.

On October 24, 2012 Jaswant Singh lodged a report with Kathua police station, according to the chargesheet stating that his aunt Soma Devi, who was all alone in her house in ward No 10, had been murdered cold blooded by an unknown and added that the accused had also robbed Soma Devi of her two gold earrings and two other rings.

During the investigation, police picked up Raj Kumari for questioning who later turned out to be the murderer of Soma Devi.

According to the investigation, the marriage of Kumari’s daughter was to be performed on October 27, 2012 and she needed gold to make ornaments.

So before the incident was to take place, she went to Soma’s house to invite one Kamlesh Kumari, who was working there as a domestic help.

Seeing Soma wearing gold earrings and rings, she thought of stealing them.

On October 23, 2012 at about 3.30 pm she went to Kamlesh’s house with her son and then to that of Soma for the purpose of carrying out a survey. After spending some time with Soma, she again returned to Kamlesh’s house.

Late night that day, she again came to Soma’s house and knocked at the door which Soma had closed from inside. Soma opened the door and then allowed her to sleep with her on the bed.

After Soma fell asleep, Kumari very cunningly hit a brick on her head and then robbed her of her gold earrings and other rings said the police. She even tried to break open the lock of other room, but failed.

After getting down from the roof of the house she straightway went to Kamlesh’s house and later gave the stolen rings to goldsmith Anil Kumar to make ornaments for her daughter.

These ornaments were recovered by police from the goldsmith after Kumari narrated the whole episode.

The Judge, after hearing the two sides, observed that the case did not fall in the category of rarest of rare cases.

Therefore, in proof of offence under section 302 of RPC, Raj Kumari is sentenced to undergo life imprisonment and pay a fine of Rs 10,000, Judge ordered, adding, in default of payment of fine, she would further undergo rigorous imprisonment for three months.

In proof of offence under section 392 of RPC, she is sentenced to undergo rigorous imprisonment for three years and pay a fine of Rs 5,000, the court ordered.

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