No shelter for attendants in Lal Ded Hospital



Citizen Journalist Aadiyah Khan

In Lal Ded Hospital, one of the major maternity homes of the valley, the attendants accompanying the patients are made to stay outside as the place lacks proper arrangements and facilities. The patients too sometimes are forced to wait outside because the arrangements to cater  to the huge rush of patients lacks at the medical place. The Hospital is the major maternity hospital in the valley and the patients from various far flung areas of the valley also visit the hospital, hence the hospital is always observing a heavy rush of the patients. The waiting halls at the hospital are usually filled already and the patients as well as the attendants are left with no option but to stay in open in such biting cold. The arrangements are too narrow for everybody to avail the basic facilities. At least the authorities could provide a separate building as a shelter to attendants and visitors.

kashmir hospital
Image Courtesy: Online Media


Even for visitors the place offers no shelter, some are even made to wait in the hospital lawn. As many of them have been coming  from remote areas, which takes them nearly a day to reach and then there is no provision for them. The authorities toss away the matter saying that they have provided waiting rooms on every floor  but they refuse to understand that considering the huge number of patients, that much is not enough. If the hospital authorities are aware that there is always a huge rush of visitors, at least some arrangement should be done. Requesting us not to visit too often is not going to resolve the matter but if they are considerate enough to provide a separate building for the visitors, we all could be comfortable when we visit our relatives or friends instead of being troubled every time we go.

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