Shiv Khori Cave: Lord Shiva’s humble Abode


Situated in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir, the holy cave of Shiv Khori is called the ‘Home of Gods’. The divine ambience and serene nature of this place not only satisfy your spiritual thrust, but also makes you wonder about its miraculous significance.

It is believed that Lord Shiva stays in Shivkhori and there is a secret route, which connects it to Amarnath. This natural cave is about 200 meters long, one meter wide and two to three meters high and has a natural Shiva lingam, which, according to the locals, is eternal.

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The cave is now closed as some sadhus who dared to go inside this cave never returned. To reach the sanctum sanctorum, one has to stoop low, crawl or adjust his body sideward. Inside a naturally created image of Lord Shiva, about 4 meters high, is visible. The cave is home to many natural objects having resemblance with Goddess Parvati, Ganesha and Nandi. The cave’s roof is carved with snake formations, the water trickles through these on Shiva Lingam.

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Bhasmasur ran after Lord Shiva to try how it works. To save his life from the demon, Lord Shiva entered this cave, which is presently known as Shiv Khori. Lord Vishnu became Mohini and asked the demon to dance with her. When the demon started dancing and imitating Mohini, he placed his hand on his head and vanished into the divine fire.

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