Shiva and Allah are just names of the same God who’s left Kashmir


Puneet Gupta

It is imperative to begin with some preemptive measures since religions are involved and the eight days of mayhem in the valley have seen death of our own people in the valley with thousands getting injured. It has been reported already that the Shivling at the Holy Amarnath cave melted in less than two weeks.

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Some with experiences from an education say that the valley has seen an increased temperature this season. The believers blame the departure of prevailing circumstances from divinity itself. Just hypothesizing and not.

The same can be postulated for the brothers in the valley. For months now, every Friday has seen small boys coming out on streets with covered faces, rocks in their small hands and shoulder strengths that does not guarantee hitting their ‘targets’ placed 40 metres away.

Men of the same skin tone stand on the two sides of boundaries demarcated by stones in different clothing and work on directives from others for a cause that rages anger in both, even if differently.

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When 40 young lives have been lost, where is the God? If it does not please you, then where are the Gods? There is no superpower backing anyone in the paradise no more. Shiva and Allah are just names of the same God who’s left Kashmir.

The midsummer madness has to stop. You will not be punished for your anger by anyone. You will be punished by your anger.

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