Shivani Jaral Murder Case- Police accelerates search to nab all culprits


The Police has catalyzed its search to actively hunt for all the people who could be involved in the grotesque murder case of the 23 year old Shivani Jaral. A couple, Sunil Kumar and his wife Rajni Devi, main accused is already in police custody and  the two have come up more information about the brutal murder case. More names are coming up during the investigation but as per the sources, the police department has claimed to not arrest anybody further without a proper proof that without proof. The department has refused to take any action in haste and is working on to get concrete proof before making more arrests.

Sources in the Police Department said, “We have made a video of the events when the couple took us to the site where the murder happened. This will help us in future to make the case strong.”


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Shivani Jaral, daughter of Sher Singh Jaral had been missing since March 12. Her mother Vaishno Devi had moved a written complaint on May 2 against the accused couple, after which the police made the arrest. The couple has confessed to the crime and the police has started further investigation and leads. The girl’s body was chopped into six pieces and was dumped in a septic tank in the Muthi area on the outskirts of the city. As per the sources, the couple was trying to push the girl into flesh trade and after she resisted, they murdered her. The sources also informed that the couple had become very close to the girl and her family and even visited her house in Sewna Chenani during the marriage ceremony of the victim’s sister sometime back. They intended to take advantage of the relationship and push the girl into flesh trade, added the sources. The murder case has alarmed the vity residents and the police too is considering the matter with attention and seriousness to arrest the culprits at their earliest.