SHO directs eve-teaser and complainant to patch up after a Rs 2000 bribe

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu, June 4: 

Instead of booking an eve-teaser, who had allegedly molested a girl, the SHO of a police station in the periphery of Jammu city, instead of  booking an eve-teaser who was harassing a girl, directed the victim’s brother to settle down over the issue and patch up with the accused.

Reports in a Jammu based daily say that the SHO had allegedly taken a bribe of Rs 2000 from the accused.

Sources said a youth yesterday lodged a written complaint at the police station, alleging therein that a youth had ‘molested’ his sister and was also harassing his sister on telephone.

The SHO later called the girl’s brother and the accused to the police station where he ‘pursuaded’ the girl’s brother to patch up.

According to the report in this local daily, the same SHO was earlier involved in a land dispute controversy. He was alleged to be enjoying the favouritism of an ex-minister and an ex-MLA as well.