Shock and Shame: Let’s reclaim Bagh-e-Bahu


Remember the time when Bagh-e-Bahu was a famous Picnic Spot and we loved going there with our families? It is not the same place anymore.

Think of going to a restaurant with your family for lunch. A nice Indian Mughlai meal or pizza for the Italian foodies! Yeah? You are all sitting together waiting for your order to come and then suddenly the couple on the next table you decides to express their love in an elaborate physical manner.

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The first reaction anywhere in the civil world would be to ignore them but in the back of your mind you would remember that you are out with your family. Now everyone from among your family is looking in a different direction and now another couple starts the same act of love. Your disgust blows all your vessels and you cancel your order shouting at the management and leave.

Something similar happens at Bagh-e-Bahu where people used to go for lunches and dinners and family picnics years ago but not anymore. How many family places are there Jammu? Barely any!

Some claim that you cannot go to a place such as Bagh-e-Bahu regularly because, well, it is drab and gets boring but then no one goes to the same restaurant often too! Most people would go once every few months but then there are lakhs of families to cater to as well.

With couples vividly expressing their love, Bagh-e-Bahu is no more the place one likes to go to for a stroll or a picnic with their family. You may ignore the lovers once with family and move away but you would think twice in coming back again with family for genital grabbing is not easy on the eyes.

You can go anywhere in the world and excessive public displays of affection are frowned upon. Nobody is stopping anyone from getting a room if intimacy is question and that is what people do.

Bagh-e-Bahu needs to be reclaimed and authorities, who are in denial, need to start doing their duty properly because their salaries come from the taxpayers money.

Oddly there are those who have called #ReClaimingBagh-e-Bahu a backward movement and even advised to look broadly at things. Accepted that broad-mindedness is the way ahead for any society. But what happens at Bagh-e-Bahu is not merely kissing.

Let us not present ourselves as broadminded people on facebook because it is cool. The purpose of Education is to open the minds and that is granted. However, It is difficult to find out which Math or Science or Commerce book opens your mind to start making out in public as the certificate of broad-mindedness.

For those broadminded people who do not know, Obscenity under law, IPC or RPC, is defined by the onlooker and where in a place like Jammu, kissing in public would be frowned upon and fall directly under obscenity definition, it may not fall under the same explanation in a place like Mumbai.

Even then, you don’t find people in Mumbai kissing at every nook and corner. Most people prefer private places for the physical expression of love.

Obscenity is punishable by law under Section 294 of the RPC. The authorities deny the regular occurrence of such over-elaborate right of expression. Again, nobody is stopping you from getting a room. Watch our video and decide for yourself whether Jammu’s only ONE GOOD park should be a place where people of the city avoid going?

Jammu has only One Destination Park and we all need to come together to make it clean. Jammu deserves a park where your parents and mine can go and have a walk.

Express your opinion with ‪#‎ReclaimBagheBahu‬ so that the Authorities can hear it on all social media platforms.