Shocked Jammu asks: Did we vote for BJP to see Pak flag flying?


Did Jammu vote for the BJP, and bring it to power to see the Pakistani flag being hoisted in Kashmir while the party is in power in the state. It seems the people of Jammu miscalculated when the put their hopes, and aspirations on the saffron party which now seems to be in complete awe of Mufti Mohd Sayeed, and PDP. What began as an initial snub in the form of, Sayeed thanking the separatists, ultras, and Pakistan for peaceful elections, has now assumed the shape of an actionable thought process whereby the PDP patron keeps on pandering to anti-India constituencies while BJP is helplessly seen to be doing nothing. Mufti praised the terrorists, and Pakistan in the presence of BJP Dy CM Nirmal Singh sitting alongside him during a press conference. He also claimed to have told the PM about what led to the conduct of peaceful elections in the state, which was again a jolt to the BJP.

Geelani Yesterday Rally (1)Despite protests across the country there was no change in the way PDP government functioned. And in another shocking move, Mufti managed to release separatist Masarat Alam, who is the chief architect of stone throwing incidents in the valley which led to the death of almost over a hundred people in 2010. His release was also made possible by first announcing that political prisoners in the state would be released which was another shock for the people in Jammu, and the country. The Indian parliament had to be reassured by none other than the PM that this decision was not taken in consultation with the central government. Mufti government was sternly warned to refrain from such decisions but this censure also did nothing to hold the PDP back from carrying forward it’s subversive agenda.

Apart from that, the PDP leadership led by CM Mufti has been repeatedly involved in attacking the security forces, army, and has been demanding the revocation of AFSPA which is a crucial law to curb terrorism in the state. Without the AFSPA framework the army would be handicapped in dealing with the ultras who follow no rule of engagement, and whose only goal is spreading terror. While Mufti considers Hurriyat, terror groups, and Pakistan as an important stakeholder in Kashmir, he considers India, people of Jammu and Ladakh and others as having no bearing on the Kashmir issue. He is also sending the message that all powers in J&K are vested with him as CM, and PDP while BJP is just an attachment needed to run the government but not crucial to be a part of it.

The reality is that BJP leadership in the state has not been able to see through the clever game plan of the PDP. CM Mufti has had his way during government formation, and even while running the government, and now it seems even BJP central leadership is not being able to deal with the situation in J&K.


In the latest embarrassment for the party, Mufti government allowed a large pro-Pakistan rally in Kashmir where Pakistani flags were raised, and people chanted anti-India slogans with abandon. The government instead of taking strict action failed to even come across strongly against this act, and this again has shocked the nationalist people of Jammu and across the country. They are now asking whether BJP leadership was mature enough in the state to be part of a government. The problem now is that saffron leaders look confused as they are neither part of the opposition nor they are able to act like the government.

Mufti made a shocking statement in the aftermath of this rally, and said that there is need to take into account the viewpoint of those outside the mainstream. This place has been suffering for the past three to four decades, and we need to treat the Kashmir issue as a political problem which needs dignified solution. He almost held the army responsible for killing a terrorist in Tral as he termed him a civilian.

The conduct of Mufti who is pandering to the insurgents, and separatists has led to the perception that PDP is acting in this manner to ensure that a situation which was prevalent in the nineties could be recreated when terrorism was at it’s peak, and people were hoping that Kashmir could go to Pakistan any day. He is also trying to tarnish the image of the BJP, and trying to prove that the party is incapable of protecting the interests of people of Jammu, and also the strategic stand of the entire country. It is also leading to a sense of betrayal among the people who voted en bloc for Modi, and his party in the hope of justice which now seems far away.


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