Shocker! Rohingyas ‘occupying’ hundreds of plots in Jammu


JAMMU: Jammu and Kashmir police may have registered a FIR against the owner for renting out his plot to illegal immigrants from Myanmar to construct temporary shelters in Channi Rama area but there is not only one but hundred other plots which are occupied by the Rohingyas in and around Jammu.
These plots are located in Vidhata Nagar area of Bathindi, Karyani Talab, Bari Brahmana, Channi Rama, Channi Himmat, Dilli, Qasim Nagar, Rajiv Nagar,Talab Tillo, Bhagwati Nagar, Akhnoor Road areas but instead of cracking its whip the state government agencies are deliberately going slow.
Reason; these plots are owned by those connected in the corridors of power and have not informed the State police that the same has been rented out to Rohingyas to construct their slum dwellings. Even a Rohingya market has also come up near Karyani Talab area in Bathindi where these illegal immigrants are running their business establishments but they are not paying any revenue to the State Government agencies. Some of the Rohingyas are occupying plots owned by Kashmiris from the Kashmir Valley. Some multi-storey buildings are rented out to these Rohingyas to run their businesses and proper power and water supply connections are provided to them to run their establishments.
The plots occupied by Rohingya Muslims have regular power and water supply connections but no charges are being paid for the facilities thus depriving the state from revenue.

The business establishments run by these Rohingya Muslims have been selling all types of house-hold items, food items, providing services and fetching their supplies from local markets. In the absence of their registration, they are yet to come on the radar of the law implementing agencies.

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