SHOCKING ! Class 1 student thrashed and stabbed with knife in school’s bathroom by girl


In an incident which brought back the horrific memories of the murder of Ryan International School’s Class 2 student Pradyuman Thakur last year, a Class 1 student of a school was stabbed by an unidentified girl student on Tuesday.

The Police said the student was in critical condition.

Hrithik was found bleeding profusely and unconscious at Brightland school in Triveni Nagar on Tuesday.

School Principal Reena Manas said the crime occurred after the morning assembly and that the boy was admitted to the Trauma Centre at King George’s Medical University.


The boy told police that a ‘didi‘ sporting a boy-cut hairstyle first took him to the bathroom, thrashed him, and then stabbed him with a knife. He told his parents and police that he could identify the girl.

Officials said the bathroom on the second floor was sealed on Wednesday and police were looking for the accused.

A teacher said that though all closed-circuit televisions in the school were functional, there was no CCTV near the bathroom and hence it was becoming difficult to zero in on the accused girl.

Police are now waiting for Hrithik’s condition to improve, whereafter they will try to identify the culprit.

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