Couple held for allegedly running sex racket at shelter home, Shocking details emerged


Another shocking case of exploitation of girls in shelter homes was brought to light when 24 girls were rescued from a shelter home by the police after a victim managed to escape from the house of horrors. The shelter home in Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria was managed by a couple who were arrested by the police.

A couple who manage a shelter home for women and girls in Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria town has been arrested after inmates were found missing and they were accused of running a sex racket.

The raid at the shelter home came after the licence for the same was cancelled after failing an inspection conducted by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The director of the institution, Girija Tripathi, has been arrested along with her husband. A probe has been ordered into the matter and the statements of the rescued girls will reveal further about the extent of exploitation they had suffered.

The horrors came to the light when a 16-year-old girl from the shelter home reached the police station and narrated her ordeal. She told the police that a car used to come every night and ‘madam used to send one of us along with a man’.

“On their return, the girls used to be in pain but due to fear of caretaker of the shelter home, they never disclosed to anyone what they had gone through every night,” said the girl.

She also told the cops that a number of cars came to pick girls who were above 15 years old and the girls came crying the next day.

Worth mention here the shelter home had a total of 42 girls out of which, 18 are said to be missing.

Talking to ANI, Rohan P Kanay, Superintendent of Police said, “When the order to close this institution was made, our people went there and the organisation’s director misbehaved with our team. Today, after a girl escaped from there, we got to the reality of that place. There have been many big disclosures during the investigation. 24 children have been rescued safely so far.”

The rescued victims claimed that they were made to work like servants and were also ill-treated by the staff of the shelter home. Even the police team who had visited the place after the CBI ordered its closure said that the director of the organisation, Girija Tripathi, who was entrusted with the safety of the girls, misbehaved with them.

In another case earlier this week, 44 girls were rescued from a shelter home in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur after it was found out that they were being abused by the owner of the NGO, Brajesh Thakur, was raping the minors along with many of his accomplices.

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