Shocking: Dog carrying human infant in mouth caught in Srinagar



Srinagar, December 18: In a very shocking incident on Thursday morning, a dog was seen walking with a body of dead infant, a baby boy in its mouth near the Press Enclave in Srinagar city.

As bizzarre it may sound, the dead baby’s body was thrown in garbage at SRTC yard opposite Tyndale Biscoe School. The dead body was wrapped in a newspaper. The dog recovered it and started running around with a dead infant into its mouth. The people who saw it, chased it and dog left the baby on road.

As per eye witnesses, the police immediately rushed to the spot, investigated. Later the body was buried by the locals nearby.

“I was riding my bike near Biscoe School. I saw a dog running with a baby in his mouth. I tried to follow it and saw a sweeper coming from the other side. I asked him to stop the dog. He frightened it. It dropped the baby there,” said Ali Mohammad, a passerby.

After the dog dropped the body, it was taken to Police station, Kothi Bagh by some journalists around. The police registered the case under relevant section and said that it is possibility that the baby came from a nearby hospital.

On Friday, the incident invited rage on several social media networks. The massive sharing of news led to a number of rumours also. One of the more common allegations was that the baby has been buried but as the police confirmed, the body is in the morgue at SMHS hospital. The police is waiting for someone to claim it.

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