Shocking : Man live-streams suicide on Facebook after failing to get Army Job


In a shocking incident, a young man from Agra live-streamed his suicide on Facebook. The man was heart-broken over not getting into the Indian Army.

The victim has been identified as one Munna Kumar. The 24-year-old was a BSc graduate. Munna was aggrieved for not being eligible for the Indian Army recruitment as he had passed maximum age requirement.

What is worse is the fact that there were over two thousand people who watched the live-streaming of the macabre suicide video, yet nobody raised an alarm. According to a Times of India report, Munna had shared a ‘confession video’ early on Wednesday. Later, he started live-streaming his suicide.

In a six-page suicide note, Munna blamed himself for not meeting his parent’s expectations and failing to score well in the Army entrance exam.

A note from Munna was found in which he detailed his struggle and apologised to his parents. At the end of it, he wrote “Jai Hind”.

‘He was highly inspired by Bhagat Singh and wanted to join Army. He was normal, we had dinner, nobody had any idea he would do something like this,’ Munna’s younger brother Vikas Kumar was quoted as saying by TOI. Police has sent his body for postmortem.

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