Shocking :This premier Medical Institute is asking its employees to declare their virginity

Bihar, Aug 02 : The Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS) in Bihar’s Patna has asked its employees to declare their virginity and the number of wives they have in a marital status declaration form it asked them to fill.

In a Marital Declaration questionnaire that surfaced today, the premier medical institute has asked its employees whether they are a widower or a bachelor or a virgin.

In its horribly sexist questionnaire, the IGIMA asks its employees to declare whether they are “married to a person who has no other wife living” or “married and have more than one wife”.

 “I request that in view of the reasons stated below (sic), I may be granted exemption from the operation of restriction of the recruitment of service of person having more than one wife living,” it says at the end.