Shocking : Traffic Cops brutally thrashes biker for riding without Helmet, Video goes Viral


Traffic Police personnel were caught on camera brutally thrashing a biker near a Metro station in the national capital. In a video which went viral on Thursday, the policemen were also seen dragging the man who apparently lost consciousness in the incident.

 Personnel of the traffic police caught hold of a biker who was riding without a helmet and dragged and thrashed him in full public view. The video of the assault has gone viral with many questioning the extreme brutality of the police.

The incident took place a few days ago, traffic police were on duty when they spotted a man riding a bike without a helmet with his wife riding pillion. When the police asked him to stop the bike and pay the fine, he tried to dodge the cops. The police personnel got angry, chased the biker and caught hold of him.

The viral video shows the police dragging him on the road and landing blows on him, while his wife screams, asking for mercy.

Delhi police have put out a statement that the biker was at fault, as he violated traffic rules and have claimed that the biker slapped a traffic police constable.

“The police stopped them for a challan. Instead of paying the fine, the biker slapped the constable. He was then chased. We didn’t assault him. Seeing passersby were making a video, he feigned unconsciousness and fell on the ground,” the statement by the police stated.

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