Shocking!! Violent Mob Lynches, Burns Alive Girl In Guatemala Town


A 16-year-old was beaten and burned alive by a 25 strong mob in Guatemalan town of Rio Bravo.

The girl was allegedly part of a gang which killed a motorcycle-taxi driver and robbing him.

She was caught by a vigilante mob and punished while the rest of her gang got away. The girl was then brutally beaten and then set on fire. The original clip, which is too graphic to be shared on our site is doing the rounds of the web.

After getting beaten up, the mob put petrol on the girl and set her on fire in full public view. There a few images of the original video below this video. Viewer Discretion is strongly advised. (Inputs from India Times)

Video image 1

 This incident was witnessed live by hundreds of people but no one raised a voice or dared interfere to stop the girl from finally getting killed.

video image 2

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