Shocking : Woman raped in public, beheaded for serving ‘fish’; mob cheers on


A disturbing video has emerged of a woman being raped and whipped, before being decapitated in front of a mob in the Democratic Republic of Congo. All this, because she cooked a meal of “forbidden fish” in her restaurant and served it to “rebels”. What’s even more disturbing is behaviour of the crowd that cheered and clapped the whole time.

The incident, which took place on April 8, has been denounced by media and human right activists worldwide.

The woman, owner of the restaurant, reportedly served a dish of beans containing pieces of a local fish to a group of rebels. Convinced that their protection charm has been breach, the group sentenced her to commit incest, followed by death.

The video, that circulated on WhatsApp, shows a naked woman being dragged in the main square of Luebo, in the province of Kasaï-Occidental, by members of rebel group with allegiance to Kamuina Nsapu movement.


The whole time, she’s being whipped with branches by another woman pink T-shirt and a red bandanna– also a rebel.

She’s then forced to have sex with the son of her husband’s second wife (believed to be in his 20s) in front of the crowd while being whipped for several minutes.

The footage shows a man (rebel) holding the victim by her hair and saying “she must die” for committing treason.

The rebels then executed the woman and the young man by hacking them to death with machetes.

Eyewitnesses report some rebels also drank the blood of the victims.

The victims’ mutilated corpses were left out in the open for two days before finally being buried on the spot. After the village was liberated, the Red Cross helped move the bodies to a cemetery.

The group of Kamuina Nsapu rebels seized Luebo on March 31 and held the town in captivity 20 days, until being ousted by the Congolese army on April 19.