Shootout inside the premises of Jammu High Court, Who is responsible?


Jammu, October 08: On the afternoon of 6TH of October, a firing incident took place inside the premises of the District Court complex at Janipur area of the Jammu city wherein a man was shot by a group of assailants in what is believed to be fallout of rivalry between two gangs. The man who got injured was shot with a revolver and the shooter was later arrested with 5 alive cartridges, one empty cartridge and one Kirch on the spot.

This recent shootout in the High Court Complex of Jammu has raised so many questions on the security agencies of the state. The High Court Complex falls under the high security area and Jammu Kashmir Police has been made responsible for the security of the complex which is apparently being taken very lightly. Everybody who was either present in the complex during the shoot or heard of it later might want to ask the authorities these three questions:

  1. What if an innocent civilian would have hurt in the process?
  2. What if some lawyer or judge would have shot?
  3. Why is Jammu Kashmir Police taking lightly the security of this highly sensitive zone ‘The High Court’?

U4UVoice had a word with Abhinav Sharma, President of Bar Association Jammu (BAJ) and asked him these three questions. Abhinav Sharma pleaded that the lapse is at the end of Jammu and Kashmir Police which led to exchange of gun shots posing a serious threat to security of judicial officers, advocates and litigants. Security of High Court complex is their responsibility and they have taken it for granted. The department has failed miserably in providing proper security cover to the High Court complex. If the cops would have done their duty properly, the shoot out would have been avoided. As it is, no civilian is allowed to carry any kind of weapon inside the Court premises.

Abhinav Sharma also lamented that only the offices in the Civil Secretariat have been provided with proper security cover while the other offices remain devoid of the same. Policemen allotted the duty at High Court have only a little work to do, as little as marking their attendance, for their salary is dependent on that. They stand here and there, chat, roam around and hardly perform their duty of ensuring security of the people working complex. I hope this shootout have alarmed the men on duty and shamed them enough to be alert for future incidences.

He added that they had a meeting with all the high rank officers of the Jammu and Kashmir Police regarding the need for better security arrangements in the High Court complex. The police have now assured that the most capable officers of JKP will be entitled to look after the security of High Court.

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