Should Jammu suffer because of unrest in Kashmir?


July 10: People in Jammu city and province would respond with an array of answers if they were asked why does Jammu have to suffer because of unrest in Kashmir. The disposition at large would be the same, however, and this disposition is of Jammu suffering at the hands of Kashmir.

Talk about Kashmir and 19 people have died in the clashes that began on Friday in the aftermath of Burhan Wani getting neutralised by the security forces. Many in the stone-pelters are boys of twelve and thirteen who do not even understand why they are protesting.

There is a ‘supposed’ Kashmir cause of freedom from India behind the whole retaliation which actually has no basis. The king of Jammu and Kashmir, a Dogra, bought the state for Rs 76 Lakhs and finally merged the state with India like all other princely states did. The Kashmir cause has been a creation of many minds who have worked in tandem and sometimes in opposition only so that the Kashmir pot keeps on a boil and the Indian funds into the valley never stop.

Though this may have read like a oversimplified version or even too narrow a view, this will always form the crux of facts that are and facts that have been doctored and administered. For instance, there is a sizable generation of youth in Kashmir born after the 1990s that believes that Governor Jagmohan was the reason behind the ouster of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir. This population just needs to visit the Jagti camp and other settlements in Jammu and speak to the community there living in tatters.

19 people have died unreasonably for a cause that is baseless. The numbers are due to increase in the coming days considering the absence of trauma care in peripheries is causing the loss of lives.

This unrest has nothing to do with Jammu. Jammu is the earning son of the state of Jammu and Kashmir according to figures which were revealed in the recently concluded budget session. Jammu pays 75 percent of the taxes that the state pays. Most of the funds on record and on ground flow to Kashmir. Jammu does not want to pay all and get nothing back.

Mobile Internet services have been barred in Jammu with no clear citation of any reason/s behind the action. If trifurcation happens, Jammu and Ladakh could atleast develop due to funds marked only for these regions. The question that remains unchanged is ‘Should Jammu suffer because of unrest in Kashmir?’

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