Show of Support for Sarita Devi, a boxer who has won hearts, if not gold


By U4UVoicesaritad

Raged because of her controversial loss in Asian Games 2014, Sarita Devi refused to wear her Bronze Medal around her neck and instead broke into tears despite of her dominating performance against Korea’s Jina Park. Despite of the former Asian Games Champion’s consecutive blows in the bout, judges’ choice was presumably biased as expressed in Sarita’s thoughts. The despaired champion was taken aback in spite of her agggresive and capable performance which Jina could barely manage to survive in the ring and still ended up being a winner instead of Sarita.
It’s not that I did not want to accept the medal. I accepted it and then gave it back to the Koreans. I had to do this to continue with my boxing career or the memory of this incident would have stayed on in my mind. I would now go back and hug my infant child,” she said.
She unexpectedly experienced more distress when she was not congratulated at all for her glorious fight in the ring. “It has been 24 hours and not one official has come to speak with me and ask me if I am fine. They just come here to take photos with medallists and nothing else.
Many countries have observed such misjudgements in games’ history occuring due to the partial favourism of the judgement panel towards any particular nation or specifically their own nation. This biased output does leave the player unsatisfied and spirit-broken but there have been cases where the result is accepted in a heroic manner by sportsmen. Protests held before, for such impartialities have led to their ban and eventually have resulted in more criticism nation-wide and world-wide ruling them out from such events in their future or in the least restricting them to a certain level.
Blacks have encountered such racism even in olympics, the judgement has been partial many times and the protests have been aggravated in response to such unfairity. Jesse Owens is one such example who cared less about the communal politics and ended up breaking three world records in merely 45 minutes with his mind boggling performance in 1935.Some Germans denounced him for being an african-inferior and chastised-while on the other hand many of the german fans treated him as a hero despite of the endless racial epithets imposed on him.John Steffense observed racist attitude and after imposing these allegations he was suspended to compete for some duration of time.In 1972 Olympic field hockey final Pakistani players despised some of the umpiring and disagreed with the verdicts. They staged a protest disrespecting the German Flag and discarded the silver medals imprudently. The 1968 Black Power Salute was a protest against such discrimination by the african-american athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos, marked as one of most overtly political happenings in the history of modern olympic games.
Asian Games, Olympics, Commonwealth games-all these homogeneous events were approached to exercise the players’ instincts and most of all to unite the countries-to build an amiable neighborhood So the protests held for such unfair judgement absolutely crunch the sports spirit of the individual as well as their country portraying disrespect when these reactions take ugly twists disrupting the bonds with the country too. The decisions are paramount so instead of denial the ruling factor should be of acceptance as to indulge in the sports spirit. While some of such happenings have been associated with favoritism and racism and some as a mere result of misjudgment on behalf of the umpires or judges.
Sachin Tendulkar has been targeted as misjudged many times and indeed is remarked as one of such people who chose not to protest and rather accepted the decisions heroically encouraging his true sportsmanship,winning hearts and an absolute pride. No matter such happenings pinch and leave the audience in discontent and sometimes even curb the zeal of the player but the results are never as significant as the performance is. Endurance and perseverance are major realms for a sports person and such events should not hassle him or his country for any further participation.
Sarita, you might have given away the medal but you surely won our hearts and indeed brought shine to India with your iconic performance.

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