Shunted by voters, NC blaming others for own sins: Mehbooba

Farooq, Azad trailing, Mehbooba leads

Srinagar, July 4: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said National Conference was once again trying to take people for a ride and insulting their intelligence by blaming its political rivals for its own historical sins.

Responding to chief minister Omar Abdullah’s latest diatribe against the opposition for his own failure in giving the state a clean and performing administration, the party chief Mehbooba Mufti in a statement said this strategy has already failed to impress the people as they are aware of how NC has flourished only on absence of a viable alternative which it always crushed through deceit, bullying, muscle power and emotional exploitation.

Mehbooba said why is Omar Abdullah reversing his own decisions taken in last five years and eating his own words if it is because of PDP that he is unable to perform well? “PDP as a responsible opposition had always cautioned the chief minister against his government’s anti people policies but even then he sang the same song of ‘ PDP being the villain’ and now after the electoral drubbing when he claims to be on a course correction he is repeating his old lines instead of acknowledging how the opposition had tried to help him,” she said.

“NC is frustrated only as it has has been denied a free run with the emergence of PDP and finds fault with a decade old party in spite of having itself remained in power and political command for better part of nearly one century with disastrous results,” she added.

She said previously the ruling party had been able to run away with its blunders, sell outs on state’s interests, corruption and intimidation of political rivals because it had been able to prevent the growth of a public watchdog within the system.

Mehbooba said the National Conference destroyed the dignity, authority and self respect of the state and it’s highest elected institution when it pocketed the insult of the resolution being thrown virtually into the dustbin by its allies in Delhi and Farooq saheb and Omar continued to serve on the proverbial ‘same salary’. She said for the ruling family it was the job of a junior minister for its then heir apparent which was more important than the interests of the state.

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