Siblings follow different ideology for electoral gains: Lal Singh


KATHUA: Former Member Parliament and president Dogra Swabhimaan Sangthan (DSS), Ch Lal Singh has alleged that siblings of those who ruled J&K for long, are now following different ideology for the electoral gains.

Addressing series of public meetings in Kathua on Monday, Ch Lal Singh condemned the statements of NC and PDP leaders with regard to their stand on complete regional autonomy and separate Prime Minister in the J&K state.

Lal Singh said that Abdullah’s ruled the state for more than fifty years and never thought of the equitable development of the three regions of the state.

“It is amazing to note as what happened to these parties at the time of the Panchayat elections. Now, they are very enthusiastically participating in the elections. They participate in the MP and MLA elections because it is their family affair otherwise, they would boycott all the elections,” Lal Singh said.

DSS leader further added that when the Assembly election draw nearer NC starts rhetoric tune of equitable development.

NC and PDP don’t have faith in the system and they are only focused to the self- centred development. When the election comes nearer they start speaking the double language. It is very unfortunate that Congress is taking the support of these parties.

He attacked Congress and NC that their workers are often seen distributing the money to the voters.

Congress party is also saying that the demonetization process has failed.

Congress parties know that they have crores of cash to distribute among the voters and workers that’s why they are confident that demonetization is failed.

It is very evident from the fact that their workers and supporters in the entire India still possesses lots of black money which is still in the market.

But the BJP leaders are claiming that there is no black money in the market.

Lal Singh strongly criticized the double standards of the leaders of the Jammu, especially belonging to the same family, one brother being the Provisional president of National Conference and the other being the candidate of BJP for the parliamentary constituency of Kathua-Udhampur.

In other group one is BJP MLC and other is Congress candidate. Now the people of Kathua and Udhampur are intelligent enough to understand that whom shall they vote?

He appealed to the people to vote for Dogra Swabhimann Sangathan and press the button of the tractor.

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