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Airline customers across the country are being fleeced in one way or the other. Either they are forced to pay extra for seats or have to bear poor service despite paying top dollars.

However, the ambiguous manner in which airlines allow the carriage of hand baggage and luggage for passengers in and out of the state of Jammu and Kashmir tells why people feel fleeced, angry and alienated as no one in the mainstream is ready to reach out to them.

The airline passenger who is the reason for these large companies to exist is given a short shrift. Passengers are allowed to carry 22 kg of luggage when boarding the aircraft in Jammu and Kashmir as hand baggage is not allowed in Srinagar, and Jammu airports.

However, the shocker comes in when these passengers board a plane headed back for the state as they are allowed to carry only 15-kg as luggage against the previous 22-kg. Hand-baggage may be allowed but what about those passengers who never carried the hand baggage in the first place and travelled with a single bag of 22kg?


While the airlines save this 7-kg of hand-baggage for each such flier, they are not ready to compensate them by allowing additional baggage which a flier could include as part of the luggage.

Unfortunately, if an individual has baggage in excess of 15 kg then the airlines have no gumption in charging for extra weight. The airlines have no qualms in saving money on the 7-kg hand baggage but are not ready to give any benefit to the flier.

What we want to change?

All inbound, and outbound airline passengers to Jammu and Kashmir should be allowed to carry 22-kg luggage irrespective of the destination. Whether they are going to the state, and getting out the airline passengers should get the benefit of carrying the right weight. The state government, the civil aviation authorities and the airlines management along the security establishment will have to come together, and decide once for all how to end this injustice.

Passengers should be given this benefit irrespective if they are going out of the state or coming in, and this should not be a privilege bestowed upon few but right of every fare paying passenger.