Significance Of Shradh In 2016


Let’s discuss the significance of performing rituals of Tarpan during Pitru Paksha for our ancestors, before performing them in 2016.

Blessings Of Ancestors

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In Hindu mythology, it is believed that our ancestors are still watching us, they are protecting us from the hurdles of life and blessing us. But at the same time, they want us to remember them, pay respect and honor to them because they had already given us a lot and still giving a lot.

Rituals of Tarpan in Shraddha is a way to pay our gratitude toward the ancestors for all that they have given or giving to us. It is believed that if the rituals are performed with full faith, love, and respect, our ancestors get happy and protect us from all the evil powers of the universe. They don’t let anything harm us either it is natural or supernatural.

No matter what we dedicate, an expensive or less expensive gift, but what is important is our love and respect. Our honor will make them happy instead of the price of our gift.

For The Peace Of Souls

We inherit the assets and properties of our ancestors, but at the same time we also inherit the results of their misdeeds. Sometimes, their misdeeds do not allow them to attain the peace after death. This disturbance of their souls can sometimes affect the present generations of the family. The rituals of Tarpan in Shradh helps them in attaining the peace of soul and paying of the misdeeds of their lives. Help your ancestors in gaining peace of soul by performing the Tarpan rituals in Shraadh 2016.

Remove The Effects Of Unnatural Death

Unnatural deaths are a big reason for the disturbances of souls. Unnatural deaths are those which occur before the actual or natural time of death for that person. They can occur from any kind of accident or sometimes suicide may also be the reason for unnatural death. It can happen to anyone, be it an older or younger member of the family. Rituals of Tarpan in Shraddha are of a great significance in removing the effects of these unnatural deaths, and attaining the divine peace of soul. Perform the rituals of Tarpan on Shraadh in 2016 to remove the effects of unnatural deaths.

Tarpan Reduces The Effect Of Kaal Sarp Dosh

Kaal Sarp Dosha is a kind of sin in the birth chart of an individual. People with the Kaal Sarp Dosha are likely to face money or fertility related problems. It is believed that the rituals of Shraddha or Tarpan are helpful in reducing the effect of Kaal Sarp Dosha. So, the rituals of Tarpan in Pitru Paksha in 2016 will help in reducing the effect of Kaal Sarp Dosha.

We hope that after reading this, you will understand the significance of the Tarpan rituals or Shraddha (Pitru Paksha) better for performing in 2016.

Legend Of Shraadh Or Pitru Paksha

Let’s talk about the legend of Pitru Paksha or Sraddha, before performing the rituals of Tarpan during Shradh in 2016.

Legend Of Karna In Mahabharata

According to the epic Mahabharata, when Karna died, his soul was sent to heaven. There he was offered only gold and silver ornaments as food. He asked King of Gods, Indra, the reason for serving him ornaments as food, but not the real food. Lord Indra told him that he had only donated gold and silver ornaments to the needy people, but never donated the real food to his ancestors.

Karna said he was not aware of his ancestors and thus, doesn’t donated anything for them. Indra gave him 15 days period to go back on earth and donate food and other offering on the name of his ancestors. He came back and performed the rituals of Shraadh or Tarpan for the peace of souls of his ancestors.

Keep in mind the significance of performing Tarpan rituals, while performing them during Shraddha in 2016.

What Is Pitru Loka?

Pitru Loka is the region between earth and heaven. The souls of up to three preceding generations of one’s ancestors stay in Pitru Loka. When any member of the next generation dies, the soul of ancestor from the first generation shifts to heaven. Then, the Shraddha or Pitru Paksha rituals for the very first ancestor are stopped. Yama (the lord of death) plays a very important role in Pitru Loka. He takes the souls of departed family members to Pitru Loka.

How To Perform Shraadh Rituals?

You can also perform the Tarpan rituals performed during the 16 special days of Shraddh or Pitru Paksha in 2016. Pitru Paksha has a special significance for Tarpan rituals and the rituals performed during Pitru Paksha produces best results. Take a look at how to perform Shradh rituals in the right way:

  1. For performing Shradh rituals, prepare pure vegetarian food, you can also prepare the favorite food of the departed person. This food is offered to the Brahmins or Pandits, and known as Brahmin Bhoj.
  2. Cook Kheer (sweet rice porridge) and other food items, as per your family traditions.
  3. Offer prayers for the peace of souls of ancestors.
  4. The food should also be offered to cows, crows, and dogs on banana leaves.
  5. Different fruits, sweets, and cereals can also be served.
  6. Serve the needy like beggars and old people for the peace of the ancestor’s souls.

Where To Perform Shraadh?

Mostly Shraddha or Pitru Paksha rituals are performed on the shore of any water body such as river or sea. Rivers are having a very special and sacred place in Hindu mythology. It is believed that if the ashes of the departed family member are flown in the water of holy river like Ganga or Yamuna, and if the rituals of Tarpan are performed on the shore of river or sea, then it produces best results.

Places like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Allahabad, Kashi, Puri, Rameshwaram are considered as appropriate for these ceremonies.

When To Perform Shraadh?

Shraddha should be performed on the death anniversary of the departed family member, but if it is not possible or if one forgets the date, these rituals can be performed on the last day of Pitru Paksha or on the Sarvapitri Amavasya.

Noon time is considered best for performing Shraddh rituals during Pitru Paksha i.e. during the time of 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. For Tarpan ceremony, morning time is considered best that is during the time of 8 a.m to 12 p.m during Pitru Paksha.

Find out the Tithi (according to Hindu calendar) for performing Shradh by using Shraddha Tithi Finder Tool. Best results are produced by performing Shradh on the same Tithi, according to the death of our ancestor.

What Not To Do While Performing Shraadh?

Let’s check out the things that we should avoid while performing the Tarpan rituals during Shraddh.

  1. Do not use non-vegetarian items for preparing food.
  2. Do not consume alcohol while performing the rituals.
  3. Avoid haircuts or shaving while performing the rituals.
  4. Never use iron vessels for preparing or serving food.
  5. Do not perform rituals in the evening, dusk and dawn.

What Is Pitru Dosha?

Pitru Dosha arises when one does not perform the rituals of Tarpan for the peace of souls of his/her ancestors. The Pitru Dosha arises only when the souls of ancestors are not in peace.

Pitru Dosha can be identified by reading the birth chart of an individual. It can be cured by performing the Shraddha rituals.

Performing Shraddha and Tarpan rituals in 2016 is very important for the attainment of peace by our ancestors’ souls and for receiving their blessings in 2016.