Sikh community youth burnt effigies of Soz and Azad



Burning the effigies of saif-u-din soz and ghulam nabi azad by the activists of all j&k sikh unity forum led by its youth president sardar puneet singh outraged their resentment against congress party high command outside press club jammu.

Leading the protest demonstration, puneet singh said that the ticket distribution process of the party high command whose control was in the hands of saif-ud-din soz and ghulam nabi azad was totally biased and in the favour of several bureaucrats as well as kiths and kins of tall leaders of party but has totally rejected the youth who have dedicated their life to strengthen the roots of party. The custom of hereditary distribution of tickets being launched and supported by soz and azad has brought party today to this stage but still the high command is in deep slumber and has put the responsibility on these two leaders in J&K who have always created such havoc that congress party has never been able to make government without coalition in the state. The reason behind their such attitude is the physic fear of creation of second line leadership in the state where they will not be able or find any space to adjust their favourites.

Further he said that sikh youth is sentimentally and emotionally attached with the ideology of congress party but the bitter attitude of soz and azad towards youth has plunged this youth always into mental trauma and is feeling exploited and humiliated. He warned the party high command to revert back its mandate list and prepare fresh lists and include the youth who have left their career behind and have dedicated themselves to party and are favourites of common masses.

Prominent youth sikh leaders on the occassion were Manpreet Singh,Aman deep Singh, Gursimpreet singh, paramjeet singh and many others.


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