Sikh-Muslim couple from Jammu’s Poonch district, recieving death threats


21st Century, with the onset of the new millennium, the fact-paced society driven by technological innovations and global economy, where eras that are ephemeral, quickly and seamlessly advance to new ‘times’. Our society, composed of only humans, separated by potentially dangerous notions such as racism, casteism, still constantly gazes into a better future with a hope to see a beautiful world.

Chapter I
Mr. Yogmeet Singh who fell in love with a muslim girl, Azra Mehjabeen, now faces a threat to their sacred bond. Both, ‘partners in crime’ belong to Poonch, J&K where they shared the same neighborhood, grew up together and ultimately fell in love. Azra went to Gobindgarh, Punjab to pursue studies while Yogmeet worked in Ambala to earn a living. Subsequently, they married on 4.05.2016 in Chandigarh registered under Chandigarh Compulsory registration of Marriages Rule 2012.

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Chapter II
Following this, they have been receiving life threats from Azra’s family members who are tirelessly attempting to make life worse for them. The girl’s family also registered a “Kidnapping case” against the lover boy while the girl in written and verbally has stated that she has married Yogmeet by her own wish and has not been forced into it. She blasts at the society stating that we’re all hypocrites who often talk about love for all and respect beyond the barriers of religion and caste but deep down can never let go off the prejudice. She alleges that not just the family, she faces a life threat from her community who are making every effort to intimidate her. She alleges that this matter is under political pressure as the messages she has been receiving mention that higher political authorities are now involved in the case who’ll make sure that this doesn’t last long. She has no idea of these forces and received no replies on enquiring. Facing constant threats from the girl’s family members, the couple met DCP, Ambala and registered a complaint. The High Court of Punjab had also issued an order to provide them security for a 6-month period.

Chapter III
Later, the couple moved to Jalandhar. Snooping their movements, around 5-10 members of Azra’s family followed them to Jalandhar with an intention to cause harm. Yogmeet also alleges that an attempt to attack was made on Azra in Adampur area when they were returning after registering the complaint. They had met SSP, Jalandhar and requested to provide them security as they had been constantly facing threats.

The couple alleges, that the police is causing them harm and repeatedly bothering them. The boy’s family has been troubled by the police officials and been constantly watched and intimidated. Yogmeet’s father is an ailing senior citizen who resides in J&K alongwith other family members. Moreover, the couple states that they haven’t been able to contact the boy’s family for sometime now. Sources have informed them that they are not at their residence. The couple is very anxious and distressed. They allege that the SHO Poonch has taken inordinate interest in the matter along with the girl’s family members. “So far, Punjab police has been very generous and supportive in the matter”, stated Yogmeet. The couple needs the support of the people, to lead a peaceful life that they deserve.

Afterall, why does a man marry? So that he can have a witness to his life, to fill the space in his long lifespan, to put his conscience, his heart in hands of a woman he can completely trust. It is their life, made by their own choice. There’s no absolute right of a foreign authority to give their ‘love a bad name’ on whatever ground they choose to be convenient. “We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight.”