Sister, Father to be tried for false accounts in woman’s murder

Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu: The Judge of the session court in Kathua, Sanjay Kumar Dhar, discharged a local Pawan Dev Singh, who was facing trial in his wife’s murder case. Due to the failure of the prosecution to produce any evidence, the Court released the accused. Also, the victim’s sister, Santosh Kumari, and father, Thakur Dass, who posed as the witnesses are now going to be tried on charges of perjury, as per the directions from the Court.

While clearing the charges against Pawan Dev Singh, the Court mentioned that it is a matter of disgrace for the entire society, wherein, the parents and even the siblings of the victim withhold the truth. Speaking about the public’s criticism against the Judicial System in the country, the Court added that whenever a culprit walks free, there is mass disapproval, on the other hand, whenever an innocent person is tried, there are very few to object that.

In the instant case, the fact that kith and kin of the victim have snapped back from their statements recorded during the investigation of the case, shows that our society is heading towards moral and ethical bankruptcy.
Reverting back to the case at hand, prima facie, prosecution witnesses Thakur Dass and Santosh Kumari were convicted of perjury and would be dealt with in accordance with provisions contained in S.479-B of Cr.P.C.
As per the Court’s order, a notice would be issued to the two PWs, Thakur Dass and Santosh Kumari, directing them to show cause as to why they should not be punished in accordance with provisions contained in S.479-B of Cr.P.C. Also, the reply to the mentioned cause shall be submitted by them on or beforeĀ 15.07.2016.


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